The country India should be most afraid of is India

SUNAAD RAGHURAM writes: Leafing through Star of Mysore, lounging in my flat’s balcony, through grogginess induced by jet travel across time zones, my eyes lit up as I began reading a letter to the editor, which in my book, should rank as one of the most, hard hitting, forthright and ‘in- your-face’ types that has flowed through the pen of a reader.

Allow me to reproduce it in its entirety. Let the introspection begin.



This is in response to your Abracadabra titled, ‘Who is afraid of America? Not India!’ (SOM, Nov 10) related to the book, ‘The Writing On the Wall: India Checkmates America 2017’ by Gen. S Padmanabhan.

I really think that India or any country for that matter need not be afraid of America. India should really be afraid of India itself.

India’s most fearful current enemies are, to a large extent, its own creation and lie within its borders.

Uncontrolled population explosion, utter disregard and catastrophic destruction of the natural environment, gross disrespect for the rule of law, completely ineffective and partial judicial system, unchecked all pervasive corruption, totally debauched political system, stark poverty and disease, severe socio-economic inequities and large masses of uneducated electorate are just a few of the most potent enemies that India should really be afraid of.

These real enemies are inflicting heavy causalities in India and will continue to do so unless prevented. And yet, India does not seem to be afraid of these real enemies.

Nor has India developed any credible weapons or strategies to combat these enemies. I think these real enemies will checkmate India likely long before India can think of checkmating America by 2017.

God bless America and the whole world.

Glen Allen (A proud US citizen of Indian heritage) on e-mail.


PS: I couldn’t agree with Glen Allen more. But then, like saint Purandara Dasa said, Illiralaare, Allige Hogalaare which translates in Queen’s English to, ‘Neither can I live here nor can I go elsewhere’!