Election results = Lies, Let’s recount

Tongue firmly in cheek, BRAGANZA PICCOLA writes: The campaigning for the bye-election for the Chamundeshwari Constituency is getting hoarser by the hour. The following points emerge out of this:

1. It may be a  ‘Bye’ election, but it is already turning into a ‘Bayyao’ Election.

2. It is all about Maths. The one who gets it right will make it. For Instance, among many things, you should know:

Vokkaligas + Kurubas – Lingayaths all divided by Congress =  ?

If JD (U) + JD (S) = JD (US) = US, NOBODY could beat them.

3.  We will know whether there is any formula, which converts eating and sleeping in villages in to votes. If this works, we can be sure in the next general election, we won’t find a single candidate in the cities!

4. Finally, do you know  ‘ ELECTION RESULTS ‘ can also be written as ‘LIES, LET’S RECOUNT’!

I hope it won’t come to that.

Do you have anything to add?