Getting a learner’s license—without a bribe

GOVINDA K writes: I had a Learner’s License earlier. But as it had lapsed a year ago, I decided to get a new learner’s license once again.

I decided that I would get a license without going through a broker or giving extra money.

I faced lot of problems and I am yet to get a license. I faced an oral test. That man asked me about 8-9 questions. I answered wrongly for 2 questions. Hence I was failed.

My experienced friends told me that it is too difficult to pass through the oral test. Hence it is better to take up the written test where we have to answer for objective type questions. And lesser chances of failing.

After all this experience, i decided to write some useful tips for persons who want to get a new license.

* Be prepared 2 days earlier to get the license. There is a need to submit one document for the proof of your age. And another document for the proof of your address. You SSLC marks card or birth certificate will surely qualify for the proof of age. And coming to address proof, you either need to submit you passport or ration card or Life Insurance policy or election voter’s ID card. Get both the documents attested by a gazetted officer. And please keep the original documents also with you. Though the documents are attested, you will be asked for original documents for the fault of not going through the broker!

* Keep at least 4 passport sized photographs ready and keep 3 of them in a small paper cover.

* Carry a small bag. It is better that you keep all your stationery items like stapler, gum, ball pins, A4 sheets, pen.

* Your first step is to take the challan from a counter. If you go through a broker, the broker will give you a slip with your name written in it. When you give this slip, that man will immediately print the challan and give you. But if you go without a broker, he will ask you your name, and in case you don’t have proper change (Rs. 30 for Learner’s license), he will send you back again to get proper change. So the problem starts right from this counter also.

* Now as you enter the office, a man with a board “nimma sahaayakkaagi” (for your help) will be sitting relaxing and if you ask him any clarifications, he will get angry and says “gottilla alli keli nodi” (i don’t know ask there). I compared him with the hard working call centre professionals who never show that they are irritated and  ask us  “sir  any more  clarifications? thanks, have a nice day.”

* Now you have to show that challan to another counter and get an application form. Here starts the differentiation. The person who goes through a broker gets the application form from the broker. And the application form of each broker is unique with some signs which the officers can understand. And the broker’s name will be written behind the photograph. So here they get the each broker’s “account details.”

* After you struggle to fill the application form, get ready to stand in the long queue. After waiting for one hour, your turn will come. But dont be surprised. The officer who is to check you application form will go out for “kaaphee” every half an hour. And here starts your first test. If you don’t keep th photographs in a cover pinned properly to the application, your application is rejected. Your application will be rejected for every small error.

* Even if you produce your marks card with attestation, you will be asked to produce th original document. Oh this officer is so careful in scrutinising your application. But how come Al-Badr terrorists managed the scrutiny of this “intelligent” officer?

* Once your scrutiny is over, you have to again stand in a long queue. When your chance comes, you will be called in for a oral test. If you go through a broker, you will be asked 3 ready made questions. If you dont go through a broker, you will be asked to explain all those traffic symbols which RTO has never used in any roads.

* If you go through a broker, you are passed. If you dont go through a broker, then you are failed. Hold your breath if you had applied for leave and come. You have to attend the test once again tomorrow! So put 2-3 days leave together and go to get a license. The next day you have to again go through the same old officer standing in a long queue and get your application scrutinised yet again!! Didn’t he check the papers the first day? Then why a scrutiny again?

* And again face the exam the next day. The questions will be of the nature “nan magane broker illde license ad-hEge maaDisteeya naanu nODe biDteeni. ee question answer maaDu”

* And it is better to take up written test instead of oral test. But for my great amma “chamundeshwari mahime”, (chamundeshwari bye elections), one inspector who conducts the written test was busy seizing the illegal vehicles of party workers some where in the outskirts of the city.

* I have still not yet got my license. One broker gave me a deal: “yaako tamma ishTu kashTa? naan ilva. swalpa e kaDe taLLu. nin kelasa naaLe maaDisi koDteeni”

But somewhere in the bottom of my heart, a voice says: “let me try to get it done without paying money. Let me try…”

I didn’t get the license yet. I will try again after the elections.