Why we are like this only after 50 years

E R RAMACHANDRAN writes: Anything and everything in Karnataka these days, is reduced to a Big Fight – a prolonged ‘Tu Tu, Main Main’. With whom? Mostly among ourselves!

Also, the State is hell-bent on scuttling projects, which could do wonders for its growth! It’s all self-inflicted. Let’s see a few.

1. ‘Kannada should get official Classical status.’

Hopefully, there are no two opinions on this. To achieve this, it needs the efforts of writers, politicians, those in power, those outside of it, the public—you and me—to do everything possible to get it. Most importantly, the major effort should come from writers, poets, playwrights, irrespective of the region they come from, their food habits, whether they have won any awards or not.

Yet, the most important cog in the wheel seems to become a spoke sometimes. Apparently, there seems to be no unanimity and commitment to put aside the differences and work for the cause. The result? There are sporadic efforts here and there, but largely inconsequential.

Possible Solution: Can’t the leading writers and poets take a lead, come together, mobilize people power and bring in a sense of purpose and unity. Some of the finest writers are here in our land. Can’t they put aside their differences and work for this cause? Didn’t Gokak, Sarojini Mahishi and countless others do this earlier for Karnataka Ekikarana?

2. Doubling of Railway line between Bangalore –Mysore.

Everybody agrees it should have been done years ago. But, let’s look at what’s happening? The CM said, many months ago, a letter would go to the Railway Ministry releasing the State Govt.’s contribution for survey between Ramnagar and Chennapatna. Or was it between Chennapatna and Maddur? Does it matter between which two towns, as one understands no money was released at all?!

One of the MPs periodically gives a ‘Running Commentary’ of sorts about movement of files, release of money etc and then we heard the Deputy Railway Minister spilling the beans –It’s not included in the budget in the current year! Meanwhile, there’s a regular ‘tom tom’ of what the double line will do for Mysore!

Solution: Is the State serious about this project at all? If so, Can’t we get the Railway Minister Lalu Prasadji to IIM Bangalore to give a lecture, call him to inaugurate Dasara or some State Function, sit with the Rail Bhavan guys and get the project initiated with time-bound actions.

Bangalore is full of technocrats and marketing whiz kids. They have been able to attract practically ‘who-is-who’ of Fortune 500! Our Government busy with their ‘Yadavi Kalaha’ haven’t been able to sell the idea to Laluji who himself is some kind of a marketing genius! Has anybody, in the Government or outside, taken the trouble to get him to visit Bangalore in the last 2 years? Sometimes, one gets a doubt whether the State is deliberately dragging the feet, lest it affect the KSRTC- Volvo connection? What’s the equation? One trainload = 30 buses.

‘Mysore Airport’ Project too joins this category.

3. Film Producers, actors and technicians.

Here again a tug-of war is going on with various forces pulling it in all directions with no amicable solution in sight. The bigwigs of film fraternity are not able to sort out the issue as threats and counter threats are played out daily like a ‘Soap Opera’.

4. Which language the children will study?

No doubt, a controversial topic, but are right efforts being made to resolve the issue? Here again, there is a division among writers. We seem to excel in creating differences rather than narrowing differences to reach workable, practical solution and move on with life.

There seems to be an all pervading death wish to get bogged down on trivialities, scoring cheap points over others who have a different point of view and generally refusing to move on.

If this were not so, by now we should have a thriving cheaper-fare, Electric Railway line contributing to the growth of both Bangalore- Mysore. Imagine the saving in Diesel and reduction in pollution and so on. ( A Win –Win situation ). We would have got the classical status for Kannada too and so on…

Alas! We don’t even see the need to get our act together in the first place and make things happen for the welfare of our state, for our city….

And finally, the language used by the so-called Victor and the equally so-called Vanquished? Even Mohammed Ali and Sonny Liston, after a brutal fight in the boxing Ring, with their eyes almost gouged out, teeth hanging out, would still congratulate the winner and both wouldn’t mind meeting over a drink….

Couldn’t we learn a lesson here?

Any suggestions??

Quo Vadis?