Brand new helmet policy: more thoughts

E R RAMACHANDRAN writes: Before introducing the helmet rule for the nth time, the Regional Transport Officer (RTO), thought he should, once again, take the opinion of all concerned for the final time.

Not surprisingly there was wide response, which heartened him. A sample of the responses is given below.

Astrologer Jain: As one who is concerned of the health of all, right from the CM down to the lowly citizen, I feel the new helmet rule should not be introduced in the month of Dhanurmasa, as most riders would have run out of money and will be like Dhurvasa, full of anger and they could throttle themselves to death. The only parihara,  I can think of , is, they should pad the inner roof of helmet with Thulsi leaves and sabsige soppu, so that the impact of a fall will be less, apart from cooling in summer.

Police Commissioner: The State Helmet Rule reminds me of a toy called ‘Yo-Yo’, I used to play with, when I was a kid. The only difference is, instead of going up and down, this keeps moving back and forth! I feel all scooter and motorcycle riders should wear helmets on odd dates like 1,3, 5 etc. The even dates like 2,4, 6 etc could be ‘helmet-free’ days, as they wait for the ‘ last & final’ decision from the Govt. This way, both Govt. and riders will be happy.

Deputy CM: I am not bothered what really happens for the first twenty months. After the ‘Rahu- Kethu’ effect is over, I will announce a new Helmet Policy for the State. The new ‘PM-in –Waiting’ has already promised to help me in this regard.

New MLA from Chamundeshwari: With the divine blessings of Chamundeshwari Mathe, blessings from Mathadipathis in the State, the new rule will come into force soon. With the blessings of Madam, when this Govt. falls or when I become the next C.M., whichever is earlier, I will introduce the New Helmet Policy and rule the State. Till then, no wonder we are seeing anarchy in the streets as well as in Vidhana Soudha.

Municipal Commissioner: We are eagerly awaiting the Policy. If the Helmet Policy is introduced, we can divert the funds earmarked for filling the potholes, asphalting the roads to more important jobs such as beautification of Parks, colourwashing our corporation building etc.. We also feel they should use only ISI brands of helmets as they can take the impact of head going into a pothole better!

CM: It is important to have a policy which satisfies everybody. I wonder, sometimes, whether we are rushing this through? That is the reason I stopped short of implementing this rule, before the Bye Election! Even, this didn’t help. We need to find out whether everybody wants it. I am secretly doing my own survey whenever, I am spending time in villages. I have asked Deputy CM to ascertain this in Shivamogga, where I understand, everybody is already wearing helmets for the last 3 days even if they are not riding scooters!  Finally, we will have a policy, which will satisfy everybody. I am clear about one thing. At least here, I will not allow anybody to influence my thinking…

Meanwhile, there was a commotion outside the RTO’S office as the supporters and opponents of Helmet Rule fought a pitched battle near the gate. As he came out of his room, a well-directed missile crash-landed on RTO’S head. But thanks to the helmet he wore, it left only a dent!