An Open Letter to the RTO, Mysore

ANANTHA SHENOY K writes an open letter to the Regional Transport Officer.


Respected Sir/Madam,

I have a private car (KA-09 N 4xx1). Can I use domestic cooking gas as fuel? I know that it is not legal. But in Mysore I see the following vehicles using LPG openly without any action from the authorities.

1. ‘ALL’ the Driving School Vehicles.

2. ‘ALL’ the supply autos/vans of LPG distributors.

3. ‘ALL’ Omni vans used to transport small children to schools.

4. Innumerable private vehicles.

In Mysore, however, the actions of the traffic police is praiseworthy. The constables at large are humane and friendly at the same time rigid in their action against defaulters. But the general feel about the RTO is that they are always busy chasing tourist vehicles near Chamundi hills or Zoological Parks.

I also would like to bring to your notice many auto rickshaws plying with Kerala (KL-10 etc) registration even after the stipulated 11 month period.

This is an out-of-the-court appeal to initiate action against defaulters or allow me to use LPG in my vehicle! … and have you noticed that ‘Doctor’ who parks his car and gives certificates and attestation to the needy for 20 bucks or something, sitting inside his Maruti 800! “Service at your doorstep”!! Pathetic!!

Yours truly,

Ananth Shenoy K


1. The Chief Magistrate, Mysore Sessions Court, Mysore
2. The Chief Minister, Karnataka
3. The Commissioner, Traffic Police, Mysore
4. AICCM (Association of Informed and Concerned Citizens of Mysore)