Two questions for the powers-that-be

THE MYSORE INSIDER asks: As the Railway Ministry, under “Prof” L P Yadav sits down to finalise the Railway Budget, just what is the State Government doing about doubling and electifying the Bangalore-Mysore railway line?

Shouldn’t our CM, his cronies and State officials park themselves in Rail Bhavan, put our case, move strings and whatever, and get this project moving?

2. Just whatever happened to the’ Sound and Light’ programme at the Mysore Palace launched with such ‘Lightning, Thunder & Pomp’ last year ,where we were told, the script went out of hand and would be amended suitably ‘for the satisfaction of everybody’?

When will it ever see the light of the day after the State has poured millions or at least lakhs? Is any official losing sleep over this? Will it be  dusted and taken out of the drawers, just before Dasara Again?