MAGANE: Join the movement against Andre Nel

Pardon the Prakrit, but will somebody please explain what the fuck is the problem with Andre Nel?

Yes, the tall South African who looks as though he has just been thrown out of a James Bond set.

The fast-medium bowler whose follow-through ends with a glare and crunch of the teeth after each and every ball.

And who so believes that it is his divine right to bag a wicket off every ball that he gets into a long, ridiculous conversation with the batsman if he doesn’t.

Yes, the same Andre Nel.

How is it that every brown-skinned South Asian cricketer ends up donating a percentage of his match fees for smaller, sillier, one-off indiscretions on the field?

And how does the white monster, who all but fails to let out fire through his nostrils, manage to convince cricket’s masters of similar skin pigmentation that whatever he does in match after match doesn’t bring the game into “disrepute”?

If you have had enough of Andre Nel and his obnoxious antics and the umpires/ referees/ ICC’s inaction, join MAGANE, churumuri‘s initiative to let the world know what South Asia thinks of such pathetic onfield conduct—and even more pathetic onfield supervision.

MAGANE is an affectionate word in Kannada, meaning “son” but implying just a wee bit more, but for the purposes of this campaign, MAGANE is an acronym that stands for the Movement Aimed at Getting Andre Nel Expelled.

Leave a comment, get friends, relatives and colleagues interested.

Let’s win at least this little game, if we can’t the real one!