Look, what’s happening at Murthy Angadi #7

Security has been tightened to such an extent at the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka following the periodic “threats” to it, allegedly revealed by the narco-analysis of Lashkar-e-Toiba and other assorted militants, that not even a fly of the flying kind can now enter the Angadi without filling in forms in quadruplicate.

And so it was when a Neeli Baana courier arrived at the gate in Bangalore some time ago. The man was carrying credit cards to be delivered to employees of the Angadi.

The courier pleaded with the security to let him in to personally hand-deliver the cards. After all, if the cards ended up in the wrong hands, it could result in the wrong credit limits being wiped out.

“No,” said the clip-board nazis, quoting charlie. “MD has said no one is to be allowed in.”

The courier made one final request and when that too was turned down brusquely, he returned to his office and sent the cards back on their return journey, citing code 074.

Soon, all hell broke loose.

One of the cards—a Citibank Goldcard—was to have been delivered to sowcar-ru. High officials of the Neeli-Baana courier company jumped into the frame to retrieve the card from the airport where it was waiting to be despatched to the card issuing bank.

Finally, all was well that ended well. The card was recovered and sent across to Pandu.

Disclaimer: All personalities and companies mentioned in Murthy Angadi are fictitious and the figment of a newly idle mind that has vacated a devil’s workshop. Any resemblance to characters, living or dead or somewhere in between, is coincidental and unintentional if not entirely honourable. Citibank is the registered trademark of Citibank (South Dakota), NA. Get 5% cash back on air and rail tickets with Citibank Cash Back Gold Card. Gold Cards are also available without this offer.