Brother, can’t you spare hundred rupees?

ASHWIN KRISHNA writes: Do you think we can create an impact on the people at the bottom of the pyramid? Do you think that we can realize our dream of a “Developed India”?If you do, here is a small way you can get involved in this revolution.

Keep aside Rs 100 every month from your pocket. This is a small sum for a working professional. May be you cut down your mobile bill or skip a visit to a big hotel or a pizza parlour. And join us in the “Donate 100” campaign.

The idea: The contributed money will be made use for the betterment of rural kids studying at Kaliyuva Mane (Home for Learning), a free residential school started by Divya Deepa Trust in Mysore.

The kids are basically school dropouts and orphans, and your contribution of Rs 100 will be used to provide a meal for 10 kids. If you plan on contributing Rs 1000, this will be used to feed 100 kids each month.

The kids have come to Kaliyuva Mane with bundle of dreams. Let us give wings those dreams and enjoy the innate happiness in framing a kids life. Think about the big impact that you are going to create with this small contribution.

Receipts will issued immediately after your contribution reaches us. All donations are exempted from tax [u/s 80G of Income tax Act 1961].

For more info about the Kaliyuva Mane, log on to

For more queries about the “Donate 100” campaign, email or, or send an SMS “Donate 100” to 9886165220.

Spread the good word across.


What Divyadeepa needs immediately

1) Sponsors to maintain the children’s expenses like food, clothing, education, entertainment, medicines, etc (approximately Rs. 1000 per month).

2) Sponsors for a nutritious lunch for all 22 children, 22 days per month, comprising unrationed, rice, sambar, vegetable, fruit, dal. At present only inmates are getting food (approximately Rs.10 per lunch).

3) Thick rugs for children (around 14 nos at approximately Rs 250 apiece).

4) A computer to play interactive educational CDs.

5) A DTH connection so that children can watch educational channels like Discovery, National geographic (Rs.3,600).

6) A load of sand for playing and to spread below the swing and a tree which the children use to climb and play (approximately Rs. 8,000).

7) A sponsor to arrange educational excursions for children like visits to the railway station, post offices, banks, good movies, dramas, other schools, big industries, temples, churches and mosques, etc.

8) A printer cum scanner cum copier for office use.

9) A whole time volunteer.