Is a kabab-maker’s girl easy meat for IT men?

The residence of Kannada film actress Radhika, who has also starred in a few Tamil movies, was raided in Bangalore on Sunday by officials of the income-tax department. According to Deccan Herald, quoting “highly placed sources”, Rs 3.5 crore in cash and undisclosed income worth Rs 8.5 crorew were seized. For her part, Radhika maintains that nothing has been seized as she files her returns properly.

The IT raid came in the backdrop of reports in the tabloid Hi Bangalore! among others last week, which speculated upon the source of funds for a two-bit actress, allegedly the daughter of a former kabab maker in Mangalore, to buy a house with five bathrooms worth Rs 12 crore in the rather obnoxiously titled Dollar Colony.

How is it that our IT men are so quick in raiding actors and actresses, and why are they so slow off the blocks in dealing with politicians and bureaucrats playing around with more money than their known sources of income?

It’s been months since Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy and his family members were exposed by the former minister D.K. Shiva Kumar as buying up commercial complexes, agricultural lands, etc, complete with proof of bank transactions.

It’s been months since minister C. Chennigappa was caught on camera by the BJP’s Janardhan Reddy taking oodles of cash in the mining scam. It’s been months since a serving police officer  Narayana Gowda was shown on CNN-IBN bragging about his ability to swing deals thanks to his proximity to the CM’s family.

Why didn’t we have the tax men knocking on their doors then? Why is a kabab-maker’s girl such easy meat?