Can any batsman break this one-day record?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Now that the World Cup is almost here, big hitting will become the staple for cricket watchers for over a month.

But is there anything to beat The Original Master who scored a 23-ball hundred 75 years ago?

On 3 November 1931, Sir Donald Bradman, while playing for Blackheath against Lithgow, scored 256 runs comprising 14 sixes and 29 fours.

The real beauty of that knock is that Sir Don scored 101 in  one ball short of three Australian overs! ( Earlier, they used to play 8 ball overs in Australia).

His partner Wenden Bill played only a ball during the onslaught and he took a single in the third over which enabled Sir Don to get back on strike. Wenden eventully ended up scoring 68.

The sequence of Sir Don’s scoring is as below:

First over: 6,6,4,2,4,4,6,1.

Second over: 6,4,4,6,6,4,6,4.

Third over: 1,6,6,1,1,4,4,6.

This knock was in an era of uncovered pitches when batsmen were not covered from head to toe with helmets, extra padding from ribs downwards, and hand guards right up to the bat handle!


Why hasn’t any batsman broken the record in 75 years? Will a batsman ever score such a knock ever again? Can it take place in this World Cup? Who among the current lot is most likely to rival this amazing innings? Tell us.