He was here. She was here. We were all here.

G.N. MOHAN writes from Hyderabad: Recently I had been to Ankita montessori in Tumkur and was deeply moved to find these fine hand prints on the walls of the school.

My mind immediately raced back to Devarakal, principal of the Sharanabasaveshvara montessori of Gulbarga, who once told me that anybody could make out a montessori child in a group.

“A montessori kid always demonstrates confidence,” he said.

In Gulbarga, I was told that a montessori left an impression  on a child. In Tumkur, I saw children leaving an impression on their montessori!

Whenever I see the handprint of a child, I remember Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore‘s Kabuliwala, where it was the only source to kindle memories of kid in the absence of photography.

And so it is with this image—to remember the little birds which once inhabited the nest and acquired wings and flew away.