Eee jeevana… yelu janumada anubandhana?

BAPU SATYANARAYANA writes: When a couple are deeply in love, it is not uncommon to find them express the feeling, sometimes in jest, sometimes high on sentiment, that they would want to be together for seven lives.

The sceptics among us run down such romantic expressions, but would you believe that it may be true?

A psychiatrist working in a Miami hospital has come out with an astounding theory that the people who are related in the present birth will be related in successive births, but with a permutation and combination of relationships.

For example, a wife and husband can be related as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the next life to perpetuate the strained relationship, or it could be as mother and a loving son if they have been caring and so on.

Mother, father, sister, brother or any relative—all will revolve round each other in different relationships.

Unbelievable as it may sound, the theory is floated by Brian Weiss in two books: Many lives, Many masters, and Same soul, Many bodies. It makes fascinating reading for he goes some way in lending credence to the Indian belief of rebirth and soul wandering.

Weiss stumbled upon the phenomenon when one Catherene working in his hospital sought his help. He “regressed” her to her previous lives instead of the normal procedure of hypnotizing her to zero.

The findings literally blows Weiss’ mind away and he feels incredulous despite his scientific temper and strong belief in logic and reason.

However, the weight of evidence is too much to ignore. He has to reconcile to the unbelievable situation of souls, masters, souls splitting, and the free will of souls to enter other bodies at the time of choosing!

From then on it becomes his normal practice to regress people to their previous lives as a routine procedure. The books are the result of a wealth of data he has compiled in regressing many to their previous lives.

A lady psychiatrist in NIMHANS, Bangalore too is said to be doing the same work. The long and short of it is that whether we like it or not we are stuck for not only the next birth but for ever!