Is it time for a global ban on McDonald’s?

He may never have walked underneath its golden arches and sat at its plastic tables, and chomped at a burger or tucked into an apple pie. But that hasn’t deterred the Prince of Wales, Charles, from proposing a global ban on the global food giant .

During a recent visit to a diabetes centre in the United Arab Emirates, Prince Charles asked a nutritionist, “Have you got anywhere with McDonald’s? Have you tried getting it banned? That’s the key.”

The key to improving the health of children.

Expectedly, McDonald’s says Charles’ position is disappointing and showed that he was out of touch. But is the Prince of Wales, an organic farmer in his own right, right in making a connection between healthy eating and well-being, or is McDonald’s just an easy whipping boy for the health ills of the world?

More importantly, those of you in the US of A who have survived on it in tough times, do you think McDonald’s be stopped in India before it spreads further? Will it kill our local foods? Or is this too much ado over McAlooTikki (registered trade mark)?

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