Spartacus returns for a musical to free kids

JOHN DEVARAJ of the Born Free Art School writes: Spartacus was the first man throw a stone against slavery in Rome 2, 000 years ago. He freed and raised an army 90,000 slaves in two battles. In his final campaign, the might of the Roman superior army crushed the rebellion. Spartacus, along with 6,000 slaves, was crucified.

But the spirit of Spartacus has lived on and all social revolutions the world over owe their genesis to Spartacus. Spartacus never died! Did he? No never! He returned to India and saw a 134 million child-slaves toiling. He has brought them together to fight the Lords of Labour.

Over 100 freed working, street and school children will perform and dedicate the funds gathered for the development of the Bornfree Art School, which is an exclusive school for the children of street, working and bonded labourers.

Venue: Government Municipal Girls Tamil school, ORC Road, Austin Town, Bangalore.

Date: Saturday, 10 March 2007

Time: Kannada show at 5. 30 pm, English show at 7 30 pm

Please come and forward this to your friends. For further enquiries, contact John Devaraj 9886306366 or Mioi Nakayama 9886011830. Email