The divine licence: Let’s make things dirtier

PRITAM SENGUPTA writes from New Delhi: It’s the festival of colours, and every television channel is making sure we know in case we didn’t get the memo. But as the colours run off the screens, here’s a subversive thought.

Are we a fundamentally “dirty” country because all our major festivals—Diwali,  Ganesh Chathurthi, Holi—in their own ways give a divine licence to throw civic consciousness to the winds and make things dirty?

In bursting crackers on the streets; in immersing idols in lakes, ponds and rivers; in spraying colours on the bodies and clothes of others, do our festivals subconsciously  inculcate in us the right to violate public and private spaces with disdain?

Or is this a pseudo-secular argument that is designed to show Hinduism in poor light?