The unbelievable divinity of Dr Raj Kumar

Anybody who met or interacted with Dr Raj Kumar has a story to tell—an extraordinary story that almost seems to suggest that there was something to the man that went beyond the ordinary, almost bordering the divine.

Indeed, on Jayant Kaikini‘s ETV weekly show Nata Sarvabhaumanige Namaskara (Sundays, 11pm, IST) personality after film personality who saw him upclose, say the kind of things that only leave you wondering.

Anand Balaji met the thespian when the other epitome of Kannada decency, Soundarya, lay dead after a plane crash. And what he recounts only adds to the aura, the mystery of the unbelievable education of an unlettered man schooled in the college of hard knocks.

Dr. Raj Kumar put an arm around my shoulder and asked me, “Son, what’s your name?”

I told him.

“Hmmm… it means happiness, joy. How ironical… there’s none of it in this room, isn’t it?” I didn’t know how to respond to this almost philosophical statement.

He continued, “So many young people are dying every day, it’s not fair. Older folk like me feel guilty for the years spent here. Never mind… you work for a newspaper, don’t you? Do your duty and leave the rest to Him. May God bless you.”

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