CHURUMURI POLL: Should stray dogs be killed?

Bangalore and Mysore are facing one of their biggest civic challenges: stray dogs going on the rampage. At least two young children, a girl in January, a boy in February, have been mauled to death in the State capital by packs of dogs. And dozens of them have been attacked and bitten across the State in what is clearly a bad time of the year.

The civic administration in the two cities have reacted in the only manner known to bureaucrats—through a combination of panic and cover-my-ass. Street dogs have been caught and culled, many have been put to death through lethal injections, and a few have been given anti-rabies shots.

What should be done to tackle the street dog menace? Is it OK to kill dogs to keep the streets safe? Should the officials who turn a blind eye to unhygienic meat shops be brought to book? Is this all a plot by the land mafia to clear out pesky slums squatting on prime real estate? Or is the media hyping stray incidents out of proportion?

Above all, whose life is more valuable: that of the dogs or the humans who live and more around them?