Does ‘daana’ to a Brahmana fetch better returns?

C.B. YASHWANTI writes: It was just another harried evening when I had to get somewhere in record time and was having no luck with the autos.

Suddenly a voice from behind said: “Brahmana muthaide. Kaal-alli gedde agide. Operation madsbeku. Yenadru sahaya maadu.”

As I looked on, lost for words, at this seemingly well-to-do woman, her gold trinkets gleamed in the evening street light. “Nimkayalli iro-ashtu nan hatra illa,” I mumbled not knowing how else to ward off this request for money.

Her need appeared glaringly unconvincing.

Ninkayalli yeshtagutho nodu. Brahmanarige kottiddu yavathu vyartha agolla,” she persisted.

Now that was a first!

Not only was she asking me to part with some cash to fund her operation, she was also suggesting I make a deal for it! Was she implying that I could buy some good, old-fashioned “karma” for money?

Do people still use the brahmin card and do people still fall for it in this day and age? If it does work, how is the dalit card or the muslim card doing for that matter?

As I wondered about such modern-day dilemmas, the muthaide had given up on me and moved on to appeal to more promising and generous souls who would probably be more eager to open their purses to let a little good fortune in.

I was disappointed.

Had I squandered a convenient opportunity at prebooking myself some cheap karma? Is that what it was about?