Forgive ’em, O Lord, for they know what they do

This letter to the editor of Star of Mysore yesterday, from Madhuri Thathachari, offers loads of food for thought.


“I could not believe that our Central Government could be so blind to the feelings of Kannada people—the news that Rs 5 crore has been allocated for the development of the Classical Tamil Centre in Mysore.

“Kannada language with its rich literature unquestionably deserves the classical status and the Central Government has done nothing about it. I love and respect all languages and believe that we should encourage the development of all our languages.

“To announce the award of Rs 5 crore for the Tamil Centre when the people of Karnataka are hurt by the Cauvery verdict and the disinterest of the authorities in giving classical status to Kannada language is the height of callousness.

“One wonders if the Central Government is intentionally following the divide and rule policy, the legacy of the British.

“Is it a strategy to create a big rift between the Tamilians and the Kannadigas? We should not allow this to happen. If it is a strategy of any party to hurt the party in power that also should not be allowed. ‘We, the People’ should show that we are going to be united and shall not allow anyone to divide us.”