The shirt even globalisation could not crush

G.N. MOHAN writes: Liberalisation and globalisation have snuffed out two of the most defining symbols of socialism—the shoulder bag and the scraggy beard. But in the humble jubba, have market forces met their sartorial match?

“Even if you just touch this you will be a different person,” the noted progressive thinker Prof K. Ramdas (in picture), once said of his jubba, as he lovingly pressed its creases by hand before placing it into an almirah.

“Like a magic carpet, it can fly you to the Deputy Commissioner’s office or to the Vidhana Souda, and make you hold a placard and shout slogans for some cause or the other,” Ramdas said.

Liberalisation and globalisation have more or less consumed if not changed everything that came in their way. But the utilitarian jubba—cool and comfortable, and easy to stitch, wear and wash—it seems, will survive as a symbol, as a trademark if you will, of all who ‘think’; as a symbol of rebellion in the age of me-too conformism.