WORLD CUP: 10 resolutions for every fan

Nirmal Shekar has an interesting column in today’s Hindu, in which he lists the 10 resolutions Indian fans should make before the World Cup begins. Funnily, these resolutions could be the guiding stone at any point of the calendar for the average cricket fan.

Let’s resolve, he says…

1) Not to burn effigies and paint players’ names on donkeys.

2) Not to abuse the national flag.

3) Not to elevate every match-winning century by an Indian batsman into “the greatest ODI hundred ever made.”

4) Never to again say that Team India carries the hopes of a billion people.

5) Not to lend credence to the latest round of rumours vis-a-vis the latest rift in the Indian dressing room

6) Not to glorify the triumph as the “greatest achievement in the history of Indian sport” should Rahul Dravid‘s men come back with the World Cup.

7) Not to dismiss this team as a bunch of no-good incompetents should they fail to return with the Cup.

8) Not to fail to revel in the glory of every great performance in this World Cup irrespective of the nationality of the performer.

9) Not to be swept away by all the hype and hullabaloo.

10) Not to over-estimate our own powers of inspiration.

Read the full  story here: Let us resolve…


Rohit Brijnath has a much more compelling piece on India’s chances on BBC: Can India lift the World Cup?