WORLD CUP POLL: Will any side score 500?

The cricket World Cup is just a couple of days away from flickering on to our television screens. Expectations are high as they usually do, with each of the main eight teams in with a chance. But an interesting point to debate is: will this World Cup see a side batting first score 500 in an innings?

The expectation stems from  two, maybe more, factors. The ease with which South Africa chased a 430-plus target set by Australia last year. And, secondly the small size of the grounds in the West Indies. Above all, the presence of strong batsmen in most of the main teams.

In an interview yesterday, Adam Gilchrist, probably the most aggressive batsman of the modern era, has said while giant totals were likely, a 500 score was unlikely. What do you think? Will it be a good thing if that happens? Or will those hapless creatures called bowlers strike back?