Is dirt, disorder the root of India’s success?

Parents, teachers, bosses, spouses… are all advising us, all the time, on the importance of order, discipline, tidiness, neatness to make the best out of our lives. Clean up, plan, organise… these are some of many gems that are strewn before us by control freaks on the promised path to success.

CHETAN KRISHNASWAMY forwards an “absolutely fascinating” piece from the latest issue of Newsweek on stochastic resonance, a phenomenon by which adding disorder to a system makes it work better.

“It may seem counterintuitive, but the human mind—and a lot of other things, as it turns out—often work better not when they’re neat and highly ordered, but rather when they operate in a messier fashion. That principle may apply not only to how we live and work, but also to how people around the world deal with regional instability, terrorism and natural disasters.”

Put another way, is the genius of the Indian mind what it is because of the mess, dirt, filth and squalor we grow up and seemingly revel in?

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