How the Indian fan stumped the Pakistani fan

BHASKAR TAILIGERI writes: Before the World Cup started, one diehard Pakistani cricket fan and one diehard Indian cricket fan were both praying to God.

God, pleased with the Pakistani fan, appeared in front of him and asked him what boon he wanted. The Pakistani fan asked God if the prayers of any other country’s fan were before him.

The God replied yes, and added he was planning to visit the Indian fan after he was done with him. The Pakistani fan was now jealous and anxious. He didn’t know what the Indian fan would ask God.

So the Pakistani fan said “God, please give us two times of whatever he asks you”.

God said “Thatasthu!”

God then visited Indian fan and asked him what he wanted. The Indian fan too asked the same question—was he considering the prayers of any other country’s fan? God told him that he had just visited Pakistani fan and also told him about the boon the Pakistani fan asked.

The Indian fan now was in a fix. If he asked that India should win the Cup, then the Pakistan would win the Cup two times (maybe in 2011 and 2015). So he thought for a while and requested God that India should lose one match.

God said “Thatasthu!”

So India lost one match and Pakistan lost two matches.