CHURUMURI POLL: Was Bob Woolmer murdered?

The Jamaican police have just confirmed what has been blindingly obvious to anybody who has read even one chapter of Famous Five, Secret Seven or Hardy Boys: that there was more to Bob Woolmer‘s death than met the jaundiced journalistic eye. Was Woolmer really so weak mentally as to suffer a heart attack after Pakistan’s shock defeat to Ireland? After all, he has seen worse, like South Africa losing to Australia in Edgbaston. Could the “stress” of coaching a mercurial side like Pakistan consume Woolmer only on this precise night?

Now that the police have gone public and said the circumstances of the death were “suspicious”, what do you think could be the likely cause? Did he commit suicide (a British paper has hinted at a mix of prescribed drugs and alcohol)? Or was he poisoned and murdered? And, let’s ask a question most people are sanctimonisouly squeamish to ask: were match-fixers, bookies and the underworld who lost out bigtime due to Pakistan’s early exit, behind the death?

Woolmer was reportedly writing a book which would have thrown a lot of light on match-fixing thanks to his being part of the South African team led by the convicted and deceased Hansie Cronje. Did Woolmer know too much? Could some players and ex-players who have been at the receiving end been at work? Tell.


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