CHURUMURI POLL: Next captain Sachin?!

Even before Rahul Dravid can pick up his boarding pass for the journey back home, the stage is set to slaughter the captain on the tarmac of ad-hocism. BCCI sources have let out word that The Most Reliable Batsman in the History of Cricket will be replaced following the team’s ouster in the first round of the ninth World Cup. And the replacement could be Sachin Tendulkar because —hold your breath—Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh are “not ready”.

While Dravid’s removal will propitiate the demons of public opinion, the question is should Sachin (who scored ‘0’—zero, zilch, nada—in the crucial innings against Sri Lanka) take over from Dravid? Was there anything in Sachin’s first stint to suggest that a great batsman can become a great captain the second time round? When Sachin can barely hold his place in the side, should he be thrust the responsibility? Under Sharad Pawar and Dilip Vengsarkar are we returning to another spell of regionalism?