It’s March 30, and is one year old today.

It was on this day, last year, that this site gently opened its eyes on the world wide web and uttered its first innocent words, “Munde Magane“.

A year is but a wink in the geriatric park that is the Indian media, where our big newspapers are wizened old centenarians and sesquicentenarians. So, celebration and self-congratulation should be necessarily muted

Still, it is a momentous occasion for churumuri.

Momentous, because of the very nature of the new medium—instant, interactive, idiosyncratic. Momentous, because from a tiny corner of the globe, we seem to have touched a chord in hundreds of thousands of readers on every continent.

churumuri did not set out to replace your newspaper or television. It set out to do what they can’t do or won’t do. And to bring alive the colour, chaos, crackle, cacophony and controversy of Indian public life through interesting, provocative journalism. We are not vain enough to claim we succeed all the time, but we try.

This post you are reading is the 1,075th. There are over 7,500 comments across these pages. And if you click on the map on the right of the screen, you will see where you and your co-readers come from. In the process, we have spawned two more enterprises—a media blog (sans serif) and a food blog (kosambari).

We thank you for making us a part of your browser, and for talking to us and talking to each other on a range of issues. And we thank each one of our contributors who have put mouse to pad with no expectation except the desire to reach you, entertain you, and to engage you in debate and discussion.

It’s been fun and we hope it’s been fun for you, too. As a great editor once said, good journalism is like sex—it has to satisfy both partners.

Happy birthday to us. All of us. Everywhere.


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