Success is about getting up that one extra time

Indian cricket journalism rarely rises above hagiography. Rarely does one hear a new bit of information or a startling insight into the game and its practitioners. But Vedam Jaishankar had an interesting point to make while discussing the genius of Anil Kumble last night on CNN-IBN.

“The secret of Anil is his ability to reinvent himself. If someone says you did a bad show or wrote a bad article, the instinctive reaction is to run away and hide. But look at Anil. When he was a teenager, he was a medium pacer, and when somebody called him a chucker, he went and reinvented himself as a legspinner. When he was a Test match cricketer and they said he didn’t turn the ball, he developed variations like the slider. It’s this ability to constantly reinvent and reengineer himself that has enabled him to stay on top. Which is why, over a period of 17 yers, no single batsman has ever been able to overwhelm him. Yes, he has had a bad match now and then, but never once has a batsman attained completely mastery over him.”