CHURUMURI POLL: Should Sachin retire NOW?

The clamour for an end to Sachin Tendulkar‘s torturous existence at the crease has hit a crescendo with former Australian captain Ian Chappell saying that the Bandra Bomber should review his future if he isn’t playing with the idea of making India win.

And a CNN-IBN “poll” last night of first-class cricketers has more or less come to the same conclusion: 33 per cent of those surveyed said he should quit both Tests and one-day international cricket, while 56 per cent said he should say goodbye to ODIs only; 11 per cent say he should be dropped totally.

Should Sachin go on his own, or should he be asked to go? Or, are we all just mindlessly trying to find a scapegoat so that the captaincy stays with Rahul Dravid?

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