Should Pakistan be banned from cricket?

In a blistering piece in today’s Hindu, the county cricketer turned cricket writer Peter Roebuck provides a radical solution to rescue the game of its current abyss: ban Pakistan from cricket for five if not ten years.

“Pakistan must be banned from international cricket for five years. If Bob Woolmer was murdered by corrupt players they should be ousted for a decade. What has been their contribution since Imran Khan retired? Ball tampering, match-fixing, zealotry, chucking, steroid taking, and tantrum throwing.”

Since there is no April 1 disclaimer, we can only assume that Messieur Roebuck is serious. So, should Pakistan be kicked out? Is Pakistan alone to blame for cricket’s ills? Will a ban automatically correct that? Or is Roebuck living in a fool’s paradise of “the unscrupulous and the shallow.”

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