The Congress should pay for this Sidduism

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: The mayhem and vandalism that was inflicted by Congress supporters and workers in Mysore, in the aftermath of the arrest of Siddaramaiah‘s arrest on Saturday, has reportedly resulted in an estimated loss of Rs. 40 lakh to the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC).

Yes, you read that right: Rs 40 lakh. Ten lakhs short of half-a-crore.

The question that arises is simple: if supporters of an erstwhile deputy chief minister belonging to a national party go about destroying public property and set fire to KSRTC buses, surely the party should be held responsible and accountable and made to pay for the losses?

With the availability of digital cameras and other techniques, it should not be difficult to identify the person(s) and the party involved in these terrible acts. The time has come to take action against the disdain for public property.

Of course, the party in question and its factotums will aver that this was a legitimate protest against an illegitimate arrest. And no doubt the other parties will quietly acquiesce because the boot will be on the leg some time soon. But can a party or a set of individuals disturb law and order, whatever their grievance? Shouldn’t they be charged with crime and put behind bars, if found guilty?

The Supreme Court has thankfully drawn the laxman rekha on damage to public property during bandhs called by political parties. But the time has come to clean up the situation during non-bandh situations when, at the slightest pretext, shops are looted/ burnt, public property vandalized, innocent bystanders raped or killed.

Should an exemplary or a deterrent case be made in the l’affaire Siddaramaiah and should the Congress party or whoever is responsible, be brought to book?