CHURUMURI POLL: Quotas in the judiciary?

Reservation has been, is, and will be the magic key that will open the door to power, pelf and prosperity for our politicians and their factotums. And a good indication of what lies ahead, comes from AHINDA, the hastily stirred up formulation of minorities, backward classes and dalits that former deputy chief minister Siddaramaiah used as a launchpad to gain entry into the Congress.

AHINDA has urged the Centre to formulate a quota policy so that castes that had remained backward socially and economically get their due place in the judiciary. The recruitment should be made on the basis of the population of such castes. People belonging to such exploited sections, it claims, had been deprived of social justice because they didn’t have proper representation in the judiciary.

Questions: Should we have reservation in the judiciary? Has justice really not been meted out to the exploited sections by exploitative upper caste judges? Will a caste-based justice system have any credibility in the eyes of litigant/s not belonging to the caste of the judge? Or, do we actually have a silent reservation system in the judiciary already? (Exhibit C: look at how the JSS Mutt invites, honours and cultivates only Lingayat judges.)