Should the reverse sweep be banned in cricket?

The upshot of India’s deservedly early exit from the World Cup is that the India-Sachin-India-Sachin bulldung has come to a deservedly early end on television. And the discussions on ‘Extraaa Innings’ have become better, with the likes of Ian Chappell, John Wright, and sometimes even Arjuna Ranatunga striking a higher intellectual note.

Today, while reviewing the close encounter between England and Sri Lanka, Paul Nixon‘s very effective reverse sweeping came under scrutiny. And Chappell showed just why he is such a great thinker of the game with his point-blank observation that the stroke is illegal and should be removed from the game.

Reason: “If the bowler has to mark his guard and announce to the umpire and thus to the batsman whether he is bowling right arm or left arm, over the wicket or around the wicket, how can the batsman change his grip or the position of his feet without announcing it to the bowler, who has set the field for his natural position?”

How, indeed?