S.L. Bhyrappa on the Narayana Murthy issue

For two ideologically aggressive individuals who are not afraid to take up topics beyond the margins of their notebooks, U.R. Anantha Murthy and S.L. Bhyrappa are daggers drawn on most issues. To no one’s surprise, the trend continues in l’affaire N.R. Narayana Murthy. If URA has slammed NRN, Bhyrappa has backed the Infosys founder as this report in today’s Star of Mysore shows.


Mysore, Apr. 12 (BRS)- Noted novelist Dr S.L. Bhyrappa has asked: “What is the big crime that Infosys Chief Mentor Narayana Murthy has committed?”

He was reacting to the controversy involving Narayana Murthy relating to his reported statement about the National Anthem. “The issue has been blown out of proportion,” Dr. Bhyrappa told a newspaper yesterday.

“What Narayana Murthy meant by ’embarrassment’ is that these are foreign trainees on the Infosys Technologies campus and while our people would sing, the foreigners would just stand and watch. This could be embarrassing. Instead of this, they played the recorded instrumental version and those who knew the song hummed the lyric. He has even said he will correct it next time. The issue should be left there,” he explained.

“We are not talking about some ordinary person. Narayana Murthy is recognised all over the world. There are ample reasons for the politicians to launch an attack on Narayana Murthy. If you turn the pages of most newspapers during the past four to five years, you clearly know who those people are. He had spoken about lack of infrastructure, NICE controversy, his resignation in connection with international airport in Bangalore. All these has had a compounded effect on the National Anthem issue and its reaction. Politicians of different political parties are upset for one reason or the other. So, now, using the opportunity, they have attacked him unitedly,” Dr. Bhyrappa added.

“Do only the critics of Narayana Murthy have respect for the National Anthem?” he asked.

He told Star of Mysore this morning that he was not an advocate for Murthy to react on every statement of Infosys Chief Mentor. Dr. Bhyrappa endorsed the views of Murthy on the Cauvery row.