‘Bill Gates won’t be President. So won’t NRN’

Ever since the “Lexus of Liberalisation” rolled out, the Indian media has been hustled into a hallucinatory high by the rustle of the advertising rupee. Feel-good pap barely distinguishable from advertising copy—stories of success, enterprise, turnarounds, acquisitions, tie-ups—have been dished out with glee by the Paid Pipers, no questions asked.

Suddenly, though, reality is dawning on the salubrious backwaters of India International Centre. And Sagarika Ghose, looks at the prospects of N.R. Narayana Murthy becoming President of the Bharat id est India, through an unused prism lying on the premises of CNN-IBN.

“We are a country of consumers and newly rich. But we are also a country of bow and arrow-toting adivasis. The scream of injustice and the bloodshed of poverty are daily living realities. Caste may be irrelevant for many, it is a savage oppression for millions of others. Religion is a spa for many, it is a daily duty for millions. The representative of all these Indians cannot be someone who is wary of “embarrassment”.

“N.R. Narayana Murthy is justifiably a hero of new India. He is a visionary as large-hearted and as far sighted as few are, he is our Bill Gates. But just as Bill Gates will probably never be president of the America so also N.R. Narayana Murthy will probably never be president of India. And perhaps that’s how it should be.”

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