And they lived happily never after in Karnataka

It’s easy to lose the big picture while we ride the high (or low) moral horse on the national anthem (N.R. Narayana Murthy) and the national flag (Sachin Tendulkar) issues, the Cauvery and the Classical language issues, the Nilofer Bhaktiar and the Sindhi wedding issues.

But here is a statistic from yesterday’s papers that should leave us wondering a bit: 97 per cent of households in Karnataka feel that they cannot survive for more than one year on their current savings in case of the death or disability of the breadwinner, or loss of the major source of household income such as agriculture, business, rentals.

If you think that’s bad, here’s worse: that figure is higher in Bangalore at 99 per cent.

Either you can say it’s a nice try by some insurance company to bag some business by spreading a scary story—and an insurance company is indeed behind the numbers generated by the National Council of Applied Economic Research—or you can say….