CHURUMURI POLL: Is Rahul Gandhi the future?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has stirred the hornet’s nest with his bold assertion during campaigning on Sunday that Rahul Gandhi was the future of Uttar Pradesh. “Rahul Gandhi is your future. He is sweating it out for you,” the PM, who usually weighs his words before blurting them out, is quoted as saying, seemingly unmindful of the storm that has greeted Rahul’s two famous claims: that the Gandhi family would have prevented the demolition of the Babri masjid in 1992 and that the Gandhis split Pakistan in 1971.

Is Manmohan Singh serious, or it just a sign of the desperate situation that the Congress finds itself in the State? Is it a clever move by the PM to peg the outcome of the UP election on greenhorn Gandhi so that a negative outcome doesn’t impact his prime ministership? By taking Rahul Gandhi’s name thus, is Manmohan Singh only confirming what most had suspected: that Sonia Gandhi‘s “sacrifice” of the PM’s gaddi in Singh’s favour was only so that he would keep it warm for her son? And if Rahul is UP’s future, is he India’s future, too?