One question I am dying to ask… Rahul Gandhi

The son of the mother of the wife of the son of the daughter of  India’s first prime minister has suddenly become very audible and very visible. There he is blasting the security situation in Mulayam Singh‘s Uttar Pradesh. There he is belittling P.V. Narasimha Rao‘s handling of the Babri masjid issue. There he is claiming credit for his family’s success in splitting Pakistan. And there he is, being hailed as the “future” by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, no less.

But true to spirit, the son of the father of the Defamation Bill, and the grandson of the mother of the Emergency, doesn’t have time to sit down opposite a serious journalist and answer the many questions begging for an answer. Which is where you come in. What is the one question that you are dying to ask Rahul Gandhi?

As usual, please keep your posers short, smart and to the point.