CHURUMURI POLL: Is human trafficking rampant?

The arrest yesterday of Babubhai Katara, the honourable Member of Parliament of the honourable Bharatiya Janata Party, while trying to “smuggle” a woman and a teenaged boy to Canada on passports of his wife and son, reveals not just how politics provides a legitimate cover for crooks and criminals to carry on their nefarious activities, but also how rampant human trafficking has become.

Katara isn’t the first entrepreneur to exploit this “body shop”. The singer Daler Mahendi was accused not long ago of sneaking Indians across for a price by presenting them as members of his troupe. And in the aftermath of the Gujarat pogrom, Narendra Modi, again of the honourable Bharatiya Janata Party, used all his collected acumen to foist similar charges against Mallika Sarabhai.

Questions: Has politics, in the words of the incomparable  T.J.S. George, become the “first refuge of scoundrels”? Should Katara be stripped of his Parliament membership? Are VIPs  like these responsible for the suspicious manner in which officials at embassies look at Indians suspiciously? If things is rising and shining, why has human trafficking become so rampant? Tell.