All mouse work and no spouse play makes…

“They spend more time with their mouses, but they have no time for their spouses,” is NDTV reporter Sam Daniel‘s thunderous opening line on a story on the sexual woes of workers in India’s Information Technology industry.

According to an observational study of over 3,000 IT workers, more than 60 per cent techies lack sexual drive. Laptops have encroached into bedrooms; many prefer chatrooms to real time intimacy with their spouses.

In some cases, marriages remain unconsummated due to high stress and erratic working hours. There is a spurt in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men; women suffer from orgasmic disfunction and painful intercourse.

Sexologist Dr N Narayana Reddy says, “The highly targeted demanding skills of the IT industry puts tremendous pressure on couples and they are not able to rise to the occasion.”

IT bhaiyon aur behenon, come clean. Tell us, this ain’t true.

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