CHURUMURI IMPACT: Gilchrist & the hidden ball‘s post on the legality of Adam Gilchrist’s hidden squash ball during his World Cup finals knock has created an international splash.

First, dozens of Sri Lankan newspapers and websites reproduced in toto an Indo-Asian News Service story that was up on Yahoo and several other news sites. Now, the Australian papers too are taking a look. Barry Dick of The Courier-Mail has addressed the ‘Legal’ query on Gilly’s innings.

Result: Sri Lankan cricket fans across the world, especially those based Down Under, and the Sri Lankan media are mustering support to get the International Cricket Council to address the key questions raised by the piece and subsequent pieces. Namely, was the use of the ball legal, did it give the Australian wicket-keeper batsman an unfair advantage in slamming those huge sixes, and do the runs scored count?

On the other hand, tens of Australian cricket fans are calling the Sri Lankans wimps and sore losers, in comments delightful for their biting humour and condescension that borders on racism. “If Gilchrist’s squash ball gave him an unfair advantage, probably Steve Waugh‘s red handkerchief too did,” writes one correspondent.

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