Sri Lanka to take Gilchrist’s “hidden ball” to ICC

Responding to mounting media and fans’ pressure, Sri Lanka Cricket has termed Adam Gilchrist‘s the use of a squash ball in his left glove during his World Cup finals innings as “unethical”. And an SLC official, Kangadaran Mathivanan, has indicated that Sri Lanka Cricket may take up the issue at the annual general meeting of the International Cricket Council next month.

“We are of the opinion that it was unethical for Gilchrist to use a squash ball to give unfair advantage,” Mathivanan told Agence France Presse. He said Sri Lanka could call on the ICC’s cricket committee for stringent application of Law 42 on fair and unfair play to ensure only the approved protection equipment was used. He said that SLC would discuss the issue before deciding whether to raise it in London.

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