CHURUMURI POLL: Should PM be from LS or RS?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, whose Rajya Sabha term is set to expire shortly, is to file his nomination papers for reelection from Assam today. Given the stature of the man and given his record as an RS member—Singh has spent his Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme funds most judiciously—victory for Singh is a foregone conclusion. But…

But, the question to ask is, should the Prime Minister of the country be from the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha? When  Manmohan became PM after Sonia Gandhi‘s “great sacrifice” in May 2004, it was understandable because he was already a member of the house of elders. But does it make sense for a country of this size not to have an elected  representative as prime minister?

On the other hand, given the Great Liberaliser’s defeat in the general elections from a Lok Sabha constituency that has benefited most from the liberalisation he introduced—South Delhi—is our electoral system incapable of recognising and electing the right candidate, which is why Dr Singh needs to make this back door entry into Parliament? Or does it not matter at all whether a PM from LS or RS, as long as he is a good, clean, efficient and loyal?