What you see on TV is not what you get


Tongue firmly in cheek, an Australian reader, Andrew Jackson, captures his country’s feelings at accusations that Adam Gilchrist‘s “hidden squash ball” gave him an unfair advantage in the World Cup finals against Sri Lanka. Following the churumuri.com report, a Sri Lanka Cricket official has called Gilchrist’s use of the ball “unethical”, and a Cricket Australia yesterday responded by calling the issue a “storm in a tea cup or a batting glove.”

Muttiah Muralitharan has distanced himself from Sri Lanka Cricket secretay Kangadaran Mathivanan‘s remark that Gilchrist’s move was “unethical”. “I would think having a squash ball in your glove would be uncomfortabe. I don’t know if I could even hold a bat with something like that in my glove. So if Gilchrist wants to do it, it’s OK with me,” the offspinner, often the target of Australian attacks, said.

John Buchanan back’s Gilchrist’s tactics

MCC: Gilchrist perfectly entitled to under Law 3.6(c)