Cricket’s deadliest, darkest hour is nigh

Pakistan’s ARY television channel, quoting Pervez Mir, its employee who was the Pakistan team’s media manager during the World Cup, is reporting that former legspinner Mushtaq Ahmed—the assistant coach of the team—had passed on two bottles of champagne to Bob Woolmer the evening before the burly coach was found strangulated.

“There were two bottles given to Mushtaq, but he doesn’t drink. So he sent it to Woolmer. Mushtaq cannot be looked at as a suspect. Gifting of champagne doesn’t mean anything,” Mir told CNN-IBN.

The Jamaica Observer is reporting that a suspect in the Woolmer murder case may be named soon.

Is cricket’s darkest hour, darker than matchfixing, darker than Bodyline, darker than doping, darker than chucking—darker than all of them combined, dammit—around the corner?

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