Teach A-B-C-D of sex or pick up A-I-D-S after sex

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Ajji was muttering to herself, a bit louder than usual. She was banging the chombu and walking stick, a bit harder on the ground.

“Ajji! Aenagide ivathu? Are you all right?”

Alvo! Did our CM and Sudha Rao have a fight in the open grounds of the Open University?”

“Yes. CM gave her a dressing down in front of everybody, asked striking employees to lock her up, and told the police to strip her of her security.”

“Sudha is a Vees Challenger, alva?”

“‘Vees Challenger’ alla, she is Vice Chancellor!”

“Whatever it is! She is first, a teacher isn’t it?”

“Yes. First and foremost, a teacher.”

“Instead of explaining this and that, she should have first behaved like a teacher and used her prerogative. That’s where she was wrong. She should have asked the CM to do some ‘sit-ups’, say 10 times, in front of every one! A panting CM would not have uttered another word. Further, she could have asked him ‘to become a chair’ and stay in that position for 5 minutes. After that experience, he would have been afraid to sit on a regular chair for the rest of the day! Even CM’s pet teacher, the late Dr. H. Narasimhaiah, would have approved of this punishment.”

“Ramoo, one more thing. What is this furore about teaching ‘sex’ in school?”

“Yes, Ajji! A majority of States do not want sex education to be given to students at school level as they are afraid it will corrupt the young minds.”

“When I got married, I must have been 8 or 10. I don’t remember. Later, When I grew up, your grandfather taught and gave practical lessons and we had 10 children! Now there are too many teachers to teach sex from the age of 2 itself. I understand, your PC, mobile phone, cyber cafe are all free teachers of sex!”

“That’s true. There is no control now.”

“Times have changed. Kids have to be taught the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ at the right age; nothing wrong with that. Otherwise, before they learn A-B-C-D, kids would have picked up A-I-D-S! And before you teach them E-F-G-H, they would have run off and experienced H-I-V! Later, it’s too late to correct them. That’s why we have the largest number of unwed mothers by the age of 15.”