What if they told us what we should think about?

Chandramohan, the Baroda art student in the eye of a storm for “insulting” gods and goddesses has been let off on bail today after five nights in the cooler. But the dean Shivaji Panicker is still suspended from his duties for standing up for the student’s freedom to draw what he wants. Thankfully, this moral dadagiri has been restricted to Narendra Modi‘s asmita-laden Gujarat.

But what if…?

1) What if moles start leaking to tilak-toting goons what is being written, spoken and drawn by students and teachers in classrooms, seminars, and examinations?

2) What if self-appointed tilak-toting, trishul-weilding goons start going around schools, colleges and universities driving the fear of god—their notion of god—into our skulls?

3) What if students and teachers especially those in the arts—painters, poets, singers—start “learning” lessons from Chandramohan’s case and start self-censoring themselves?

4) What if vice-chancellors begin showing as little spine as the Baroda one and allow the tilak-toting, trishul-weilding goons to play moral police and run riot on campuses?

5) What if the police everywhere, out of fear and reverence, begin arresting students guilty of possessing a sense of imagination while letting the goons who only have a sense of indignation go scot-free?

6) What if governments, out of their own sense of power, begin sponsoring these tilak-toting, trishul-weilding goons and look on happily while they try to run our lives? (And what if the judges hearing the case conveniently go on leave when they have to hear the case?)

7) What if we let the tilak-toting, trishul-weilding goons decide what is offensive and insulting?

8) What if these tilak-toting, trishul-weilding goons say they will decide what we should wear, what we should see, what we should hear, what we should read—and what we should think?

9) What if we let these tilak-toting goons to decide whom we should worship and how He or She should look?

10) What if every State became a Gujarat—and what if you didn’t speak up?