The never-ending bloody nautanki of Lee-Hesh

Mahesh Bhupathi said yesterday that he was ready to pair up once again with Leander Paes for the Beijing Olympics although he isn’t too sure whether he should once again be on talking terms with his Calcutta-based partner.

“Logically, teaming up again is the best decision that could be. We can play and try winning a medal for India at the Olympics,” Bhupathi said.

Is it really?

Best for whom? For them or for us?

Is this largeness of spirit of Mahesh because of tennis?

Are they doing this for the nation as they would like the nation to believe?

Or is it all about money, honey? A never-ending, sickening nautanki of “Now we are fine, Now we are not” as long as the sponsors’ dollars keep rolling and the bank balances’ keep swelling?

India’s most successful doubles pair has been at daggers drawn for years now. Their chest-thumping relationship reached what can only charitably be called the nadir at the Asian Games in Doha after Paes accused his partner of not taking things seriously after India’s loss to Chinese Taipei. More recently, Bhupati sat out of a Davis Cup match.

And they still harbour hopes of a comeback!

Yes, the two have brought more medals for India on the international stage, save maybe Viswanathan Anand. But after all the cheap shots the country has been witness to, for what earthly reason should the Indian Olympic Committee, and the All India Tennis Association, pick up the tab for a fresh honeymoon?

Is India’s flourishing tennis landscape so devoid of talent that it cannot find two young boys who can carry the flame forward? Yes, they may not win a medal but who cares as long as you can keep these self-serving brats out, as long as you have an eye on the future?

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